Those interested in registering at the Ricardo Gapski Institute should do so exclusively via the internet or by calling 41 99599-0080.

After filling in the registration form, keep a readable copy safely and take it to the venue. Registration is non-transferable. Under any arguments, the Ricardo Gapski Institute, promoter of the event and partners involved in its organization, will not be responsible for any losses, damages, thefts or loss of personal and / or institutional objects that occurred before, during and after the event.

The registration does NOT include accommodation, transportation and meals. The certificate will be issued at the congress with the corresponding course load. The certificate will be delivered on the last day of the event. Under no circumstances will there be a refund of the registration fee, regardless of the reason.

Cancellation of registration: Registration will be canceled in the following cases: Absence of payment; Failure to send proof of payment; Disrespect to the Organizing Committee. Registration will ONLY be validated after confirmation of payment The Ricardo Gapski Institute and none of its organizers are responsible if 1 or more speakers, duly hired by the Ricardo Gapski Institute, do not attend due to force majeure. These reasons can, but are not limited to: public calamity, social upheaval, impossibility of transportation to the event location due to the ban on access routes, traffic accidents or proven illness, among others.

Through this instrument, the PARTICIPANT of the present event, authorizes free of charge, the capture, fixation and use of his name, as well as his image and voice to be inserted and used in promotional and / or institutional campaigns of the event, in Brazil and in abroad, through any and all means of communication to the public, in all its modalities and, in particular, in the following ways: exhibition on open and subscription television, Internet (Facebook and Instagram, etc.), CD Rom, CD -I (Compact Disk Interative), Home Video, DVD and computer graphics media, printed media, electronics and all promotional materials authorized by the organizer, as long as there is no distortion of its purpose.

The PARTICIPANT declares, in an irrevocable and irreversible manner, to be aware of and in accordance with the direct and indirect commercial use (advertising, for example) of the material captured at the event, there being nothing to be claimed for rights related to its image or to any other.

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