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Dental Clinic Curitiba Brazil

The Ricardo Gapski Institute, in addition to being a Periodontics and Dental Implant Clinic and a Multidisciplinary Dental Clinic of excellence, is a very high-level graduate school with the mission of spreading knowledge and qualifying health professionals. With a newly opened structure, it has a modern structure, with the latest equipment.

Dental Clinic Curitiba Brazil

The institute is the result of the endless dedication and search for excellence of its founder, Prof. Dr. Ricardo Gapski. After completing his graduation at the Federal University of Paraná, Dr. Ricardo moved to the USA, where he studied specialization and master’s in Periodontics at the University of Michigan, considered the best university of Dentistry in the United States. During his master’s program, he received several honors and awards for his excellent results as a student of the program. He published more than 20 articles, among them, one that is on the list of the 50 most cited articles in the world scientific works, in the area of ​​implantology. Dr. Ricardo is also a consultant to international companies in the field of cosmetic implants and periodically gives courses at congresses and international and national courses.

His academic and scientific rigor are reflected in his daily clinical practice, which makes patients from different parts of the country seek him out for complex dental treatments, which demand perfection.

Dental Clinic Curitiba Brazil

The clinic has Periodontics and Dental Implant and Aesthetic Dentistry services and a multidisciplinary team of the highest level, in the areas of orthodontics and facial orthopedics, aesthetics, dental prosthesis and endodontics. In this way, the patient will be treated widely, with the same standard of excellence, in the same place, in Curitiba.

The clinic was designed to be a beautiful, warm and cozy environment for all its clients, of different ages. The project included important differentials, such as a professional photographic studio, so that patient records can be made at the clinic itself, in addition to having its own large parking lot, which provides greater safety and comfort for customers.

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